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Origins of the Loreto Beaufort Past Pupils’ Annual Reunion

It’s amazing how a passing comment lead to the inaugural Beaufort Past Pupils’ Golf Outing in 2009. Bronwyn O’Donnell (nee Byrne class of 81) mentioned to Judy Murray (nee Byrne class of 83) while both were playing in the “All Ireland Loreto Golf Outing” at the Hermitage Golf Club in April 2009, that based on the number of Beaufort past pupils playing in and that had played in the “All Ireland Loreto Golf Outing” that they should consider running a Beaufort Past Pupils’ Golf Outing.

Now anyone who has come across Bronwyn or Judy knows that they are both doers and not talkers!! So within a few weeks the date was secured, the venue booked and the emails had been fired off to every Loreto Beaufort Past Pupil on the “All Ireland Loreto” data base. Furthermore, Bronwyn and Judy agreed to sponsor the silverware in the form of the Loreto Beaufort “Byrne” Perpetual Golf Trophy to be presented to the winner every year. Not surprisingly there was a huge response from the golfers but unexpectedly there was great interest from non- golfers.

The 2009 outing at Edmondstown Golf Club was a tremendous success and this was down to the wonderful mix of Beaufort girls who attended on the night. There was a great buzz in the room with lots of laughter and there was plenty of catching up done with old school friends. Margaret Keogh (RIP) our first Golf Captain presented a delighted Neasa Mc Kiernan (O’Nolan class of 80’) with the trophy.

The feedback from the night was fantastic and word quickly spread too many other past pupils so much so that the Beaufort data base began to grow legs. It soon became patently clear from all the past pupils (local, national and international) who contacted us that an annual school reunion where friendships could be reignited was very appealing and indeed many felt was long overdue.

Olivia Tracey, with, Ann Marie Healy, Marion Shaw & Rosemary Smith pictured at the 2012 Loreto Beaufort past pupils reunion. Photo Damien Eagers

The Beaufort class reunions tend to follow the 5 year, 10 year, 20 year, 30 year etc format and that will not change. However, there is now the added opportunity with our yearly reunion where Beaufort Past Pupils from any year can mingle with familiar faces from the years above and below them; bearing in mind that an awful lot of past pupils were very friendly with pupils from both above and below their own year due in large to the mixing of years for hockey and basketball and of course the two yearly school dramatics production, where a number of class years were involved.

It started out as the Beaufort Past Pupils’ Golf Outing but has evolved into the Beaufort Past Pupils’ Annual Reunion. The golf outing for now will remain secondary to the main event.

To-date we have had four successful reunions and have been entertained by the school memories and antics of four very talented past pupils. Thanks again to Fiana Holland (nee O’Hanrahan class of ’80), Cathy Halloran (RTE Mid-Western Correspondent and class of ’78) Maire Muldowney (nee Mangan class of ’62) and
Olivia Tracey (class of ’78)

We would like to acknowledge the very kind support and assistance from both Margaret O’Donoghue (Principal of Loreto Beaufort) and Sister Noelle Corscadden (Provincial Leader of the Loreto Order).

Last but by no means least a huge thanks goes to Mary O’Gorman (nee D’Arcy class of 76) who has been instrumental in getting this reunion off the ground.